The Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina was established during the celebration of the Eucharist on Sunday, February 8, 1587. In over four centuries it has undergone periodic renovations that has preserved its beauty to the present day.

In recent years, due to the infiltration of rainwater, significant damage has happened to the roof, which is also evident inside the church on the ceilings. It is therefore necessary to reconstruct parts of the roof and also reinforce the structure of the left transept of the church.

The renovation will also include the main facade on the Via della Conciliazione (cleaning and removing plant growth). The ancient sculpture of the Madonna and Child, located above the main entrance, will also be restored.

The scaffolding will be covered with advertising, but the remuneration for this advertising will not cover all the costs of the renovation. As throughout the past centuries, the faithful are asked to contribute to the preservation of this historic monument. Contributions can be made via iban IT73V0623003229000015492102, made out to the Parish of Santa Maria in Traspontina.

The financial statement and the costs of this renovation are available on the parish website.